Minute Steak


This steak comes from the chuck section of the cow. The steaks are cross-cut from the top blade subprimal. Each steak is approximately 1.25 lb.



Thinly-sliced minute steaks cook quickly, making them a good choice for dinner on a busy night.

Although the meat is tougher than other steaks, it is often tenderized by pounding or by putting it through a tenderizer machine.

Minute steaks are sliced thinly to prevent them from being too chewy.

Cooking them quickly under dry heat or slowly in moist heat prevents the meat from drying out.

Grass fed, grain finished beef slaughtered by a Muslim according to Islamic standards. The beef is always hormone and antibiotic free.

Each steak is approximately 1.25 lb.

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Weight 1.25 kg


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